Nanostix NX V3 Device (Merlion Vape SG)

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Color: Tuxedo - Black



Nanostix NX Device upgraded version of NanoSTIX Neo. Designed with premium shape and sleek hardware.

All brand new and upgraded version of NanoSTIX! (V3) is a revolutionary closed pod system device featuring load , minus the harmful tar and chemicals of cigarettes' that offers a healthier, more economical alternative to smoking.

The device is lightweight and made of stainless steel casing with more slick design for better grip and more stylish.

Designed without the mess of refill tanks. Simply insert the NanoPOD Neo juice cartridge into the device and you're ready to vape right away.

This products is powered with LED power indicator, USB Type-C fast charging and now with better air flow.

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  • Army - Green
  • Tuxedo - Black
  • Denim - Blue
  • Brass - Brown
  • Titanium - Gold
  • Petra - Rose

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