Aladdin Enjoy More Pre-filled Cartridge 9000 (SG Vapehouse)

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Flavours: Mango Yakult


Aladdin Enjoy More Pre-filled Cartridge 9000 DISPOSABLE (SG Vapehouse) 

Aladdin Enjoy More Pre-filled cartridge 9000 (Merlion Vape Sg) is a refill cartridge for Aladdin more 9000. The battery for Aladdin More 9000 can be re-use.

In this era when smoking is common , nobody will refuse this product.

Aladdin Enjoy More 9000 puffs is a new disposable products from Aladdin.  20+ flavors , and also this price is so affortable compare with others brand . The overall taste of Aladdin brand products is very nice .

So I gurantee you can try it now at our Merlion Vape SG now , we are the #1 Online Vape Store in SG . Hurry try out now !

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  • Nicotine : 50mg (5%)
  • Capacity:18ml
  • Rechargeable Battery : Type-C Port


Aladdin enjoy Flavours:


Mango yakult

Passion fruit yakult

Mango peach

Strawberry kiwi candy

Double mango candy



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