Vapetape 12000: Best disposable in Singapore


Vapetape 12000: Best disposable in Singapore

Welcome to the world of electronic cigarettes, where technology and flavour collide! If you're a vaper, smoker or just curious about the trend, you're in for a treat. This article explains the Vapetape 12k, a popular device in the e-cigarette industry. Before we get into the details, let's look at what exactly Vapetape 12k is.


Why Vape tape 12k so popular?

Disposable vape

Vapetape12k is a disposable electronic cigarette. Unlike ordinary electronic cigarettes, it does not require additional devices and cartridges, and is easy to carry and maintain.



Vapetape 12k is a rechargeable disposable e-cigarette with different fruity and creamy flavors, providing a smooth throat hit. It too too sweet or too cool so it suitable for every vaper.


Many users refuse to use rechargeable vape because of the low capacity battery or its lack of lasting. Vapetape 12k have long-lasting battery capacity which can use for whole day (around 1500 puff) with fully charge. It can recharge by type c cable.


It doesn’t just excel for performance. Although it had a high volume with 12000 puff but it still a pocket size with masterpiece in design. The mouthpiece was also well design to every user have good vape experience.


Safety consideration

Built-In Safety Features

Manufacturers make disposable vapes from a few key parts - the battery, the e-liquid, electrical panel, and the coil. 

There are many reviews about e-cigarette problems like explosions, burnt coils, flat batteries, and e-liquid leaks. The ASDF team has spent a lot of money on research. Their most successful product is vapetape12k, with a faulty rate of less than 1%.


Vapetape 12k and Health

Health and safety concerns often surround e-cigarettes. Let’s debunk the myths about Vapetape 12k and get the facts.

Vapetape 12k was transparency, and this extends to its ingredients. It is important to understand the ingredients in e-cigarettes.

The ingredients they make are of good quality of propylene glycol, a thin, odorless, vegetable glycerin and flavourless liquid. The World Health Organization (FDA) certifies their products.


Where to buy Vapetape in Singapore?

Because Singapore does not allow physical shops, we can only buy through online. We can buy Vapetape at sg vape shop, an online e-cigarette store in Singapore. It was a trusted establishment that has been providing authentic vape products since 2017.



Vapetape 12k is the ultimate choice for vapers looking for the best in flavor, performance and style. This device is very popular among vaping enthusiasts because it has set a new standard in the vaping industry. What are you waiting for? Elevate your best vaping experience with Vapetape 12k!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Are there different Vapetape 12k models to choose from?

Vapetape still have another model which is vapetape 8k is a small volume disposable vape and specification similar. Other than that, choosing ASDF convert was a good choice as the same team and company launched them.

  1. What Flavor recommend?

Vapetape 12k had many flavors, like Mixed berries, red slurpee, grape blackcurrant, and blackcurrant honeydew.


  1. Can I use vapetape 12k in Singapore? 

Singapore was illegal so we avoid to use it in public. Since the vape had a weak strength, they allowed indoor vaping.


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